FPA Annual Conference Crowdsourcing

Help shape FPA’s annual conference!

To make FPA BE: Seattle 2014 a success Sept. 20–22, FPA is streamlining conference planning, while drawing on more member feedback than ever before to BE successful, BE knowledgeable and BE extraordinary.

FPA will crowdsource a number of annual conference sessions to help ensure the continuing flow of fresh ideas.  Share your recommendations for session topics and speakers now through February 15 on FPA Connect.  Then vote for your favorite suggestions beginning February 16 in the crowdsourcing library.  Please note you can only vote once per session.

To submit a topic, click here.  Please note, you will need to log into FPA Connect to submit your entry. This will require your FPA user name and password.  Click here for login assistance.  When entering your suggestion, we encourage you to include a 2 - 3 line overview and 2 - 3 things that audiences would learn.   Click “next”, to propose a speaker for the topic.

We’ve also included crowdsourcing guidelines for more information on how the process works.

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