Student Spotlight: Timi Jorgensen, Utah Valley University Senior

Timi Jorgensen


Timi Jorgensen is what she calls “a left-brained nerd.” She likes math but wasn’t able to use it much in her job as a hair stylist.

So she did some research and found a way she could keep the client interaction aspect she loved about doing hair while adding math to the mix. She found financial planning.

“It’s the bests of both worlds,” Jorgensen said. “I get to do the analytical side of things and the client interaction.”

Jorgensen plans to work with more middle-income families and female clients when she graduates and starts practicing.

“There are families where women handle the finances and it’s not that they can’t or won’t work with a male planner,” she said, it’s just that sometimes women feel more comfortable working with other women.

“I want to help families move forward and achieve their financial goals,” she said.

Jorgensen currently serves as the president of the student Financial Planning Association chapter on campus at Utah Valley University and finds it great for networking.

“I went to a few meetings of our local Salt Lake chapter and I was very impressed with the well-roundedness of FPA,” Jorgensen said about how she got interested in FPA student leadership. “They had a few keynote speakers from several different areas.”

She wants to help get more women involved in financial planning.

“I am passionate about getting more women into the field,” Jorgensen said. “There is such a need for women in the field, and financial planning is such a universal issue.”

This is her first FPA conference but she is running into people she’s met at other FPA events and conventions sponsored by other organizations. She encourages students from all schools to get involved in FPA’s student chapters where they exist.

She said, “We should get involved in this while we’re still students so we can take full advantage of the benefits.”

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